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Home » Products » DIN Panel Cases » DIN Panel Case FUTURA (96 x 96 x 110mm )

DIN Panel Case FUTURA (96 x 96 x 110mm )

DIN Panel Case FUTURA (96 x 96 x 110mm )
DIN Panel Case FUTURA (96 x 96 x 110mm )
Product Code : 04
Brand Name : GAURANG
Product Description

DIN Panel Instrument Cases FUTURA

FUTURA case offers technically superior and attractive packaging to enhance value of your products and to build or maintain your competitive edge in the local / world market. Case manufactured in accordance with DIN 43 700 have a large variety of applications in panel flush mounting analog and digital instruments especially suitable for measuring and control technology. Designed for easy installation, the case facilitates extremely rational equipment assembly with optimal utilization of space.


  • Case size 96x96x110 mm
  • Dimensional size per DIN 43 700 - Panel flush mounting.
  • Panel Mounting-Case inserted into the cutout of the control panel from front and fastening clamps are fixed from rear.
  • Front loading cassette offers electronic mounting facility.
  • Snap-together design speeds up assembly.
  • Accommodates Four PCBs, Two lengthwise boards, one display PCB behind the front cover, one small PCB inside back plate.
  • PCB guides used as guide element for assembly and lengthwise PCB and Snap-On latches for display PCB.
  • 16 (8 + 8) Terminals has pressure plate captive to screws.
  • Terminal-To-board Connection Options, Three version
  • Plug-In version, has leaf spring contact like card edge connectors, offers quick connections, deal whenever replacement are important to reduce downtime.
  • Surface Mount version: solder tabs are soldered on PCB surface directly which eliminates wiring, cost effective for higher volumes.
  • Wire jumper Version: Solder tabs and PCB are joined by wire jumper
  • Optionally terminal can be custom-loaded on selected position for application configuration and to reduce cost as rest are filled using dummy terminal plugs.
  • IP20 (finger protected) Protection against accidental contact, transparent terminal cover snap fits on Back Plate provides protection
  • Complete assembly of the electronic module before being installed into the case
  • Easy assembly and disassembly for servicing
  • Ventilation: Case has ventilation slots for effective heat dissipation.
  • Structured surface: Case surface with erosion structure in attractive design.
  • Customization: Cutout/holes in front plate possible

Case Parts

  • Case
  • Clamp
  • Front plate
  • Back plate - plug-In version
  • Back Plate - surface mount version
  • Back Plate - Wire jumper version
  • Terminal cover
  • Horizontal PCB for Plug-In version
  • Horizontal PCB for surface mount/Wire jumper version
  • Display PCB
  • Back PCB

Material & Color

  • Case, Front plates & Back plates
  • ABS-colors White, Black & Dark Gray
  • Polycarbonate: Fire Retardant UL 94V-0 at 1mm (LEXAN-943) - Color White
  • Osordegring Infor FIC-96-03 Complete Set with Wire Jumper Back Plate w/o Terminal cover & PCBs
  • FIC-96-04 Complete Set with Surface Mount Back Plate w/o Terminal cover & PCBs
  • FIC-96-05 Complete Set with Plug-In Back Plate w/o Terminal cover & PCBs ACCESSORIES ( Loose Parts )


  • FIC-96-01 Case in Dark Gray / Black / White Color
  • FCL Panel Mounting Clamps Pair
  • FFP-96-01 Front Plate Plain
  • FBP-96-01 Back Plate Wire Jumper Type
  • FBP-96-02 Back Plate Surface Mount Type
  • FBP-96-03 Back Plate Plug-In Type
  • FTC-96 Terminal Transparent Protection Cover
  • FTL Terminal Lug and screw set for wire Jumper / Surface Mount
  • FPH-96-1 PCB Horizontal Long
  • FPH-96-2 PCB Horizontal Short
  • FBH-96-1 Bakelite Sheet Horizontal Long
  • FBH-96-2 Bakelite Sheet Horizontal Short
  • FPD-96 Display PCB
  • FPB-96 Back Plate PCB
  • FTP Dummy terminal plugs