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Plastic panel enclosure DIN 48*48*90

Plastic panel enclosure DIN 48*48*90
Plastic panel enclosure DIN 48*48*90
Product Code : 08
Brand Name : GAURANG
Product Description

1/16 DIN Panel Instrument Cases IC-248

 DIN Panel Cases are suitable for Panel Flush mounting Analog - Digital Instruments / Man-machine interface equipment / process indicators and controllers like Temp indicator, controller, Timers, Counters etc Case is available with front loading cassette which offers space for mounting electronic inside and provides display facility in front and connectors at back. Cassette is versatile assembly of plastic Front and Back panel plate which are joined together by PCBs. The plastic Front Plates are available in opaque and in red transparent color for display. Back plates are available in plain in five version plain, 8/11 pin Plug-In, Std. Term and with euro Term.

Back Plate - PlainBack Plate - 8 Term

Back Plate - 8 Pin Plug-InBack Plate - 11 Pin Plug-In

Back Plate - 12 Euro Term

  • Case size 48x48x90 mm
  • Dimensional size per DIN 43 700 - Panel flush mounting.
  • Panel Mounting -- Case inserted into the cutout of the control panel from front and fastening clamps are fixed from rear.
  • Plug-In Mounting: 8 and 11 pin Plug-In Back plate.
  • Snap-together design speeds up assembly.
  • Front loading cassette offers electronic mounting facility.
  • Accommodates two horizontal PCBs or one PCB and one Bakelite sheet.
  • Back plate plain for custom wiring and connection.
  • Back plate with integral 8 Term. with PCB
  • Back plate with 8 / 11 pin Plug-In module with PCB
  • Back plate with 12 Euro Plug-In Term. with PCB
  • Front plate available in opaque and Red transparent color.
  • Ventilation -- Case has ventilation slots for effective heat dissipation.
  • Customization : Cutout / holes in front plate possible

Case Parts

1.  Case
2.  Clamp
3.  Front plate Opaque Light Gray
4.  Front plate Red Transparent 
5.  Back plate plain

6.  Back plate 8 Pin Plug-In with PCB
7.  Back plate 11 Pin Plug-In with PCB
8.  Back plate 8 Term with PCB
9.  Back plate 12 Euro Term with PCB
10. Horizontal PCB
11. Bakelite sheet

Material : 
Case : ABS 
Front plates : ABS 
Back plates : Nylon
Color : 
Gloss Black / Matt Finish Spray painted Black & Dark Gray